LOL. Which skills? As a developer, I can tell you I don't paint skateboards or scream at my job. I produce code, or replace code or think about code. If you can't code, you can't be a software developer.

What fascinates me is the difference between the beginning and the end of this article. In the beginning, you tell us you taught yourself how to code but dropped that in favor of some hobbies that don't make any money.

In the end, you suddenly attribute your incapacity to produce code to poverty. What is it? Did you choose not to code or didn't you have a choice?

Like many other software developers, I don't have any education related to software engineering. I learned to code on a borrowed 10-year-old pc when I was utterly broke. It's really unfair to criticize this profession that's really open for anyone willing to learn.

You don't criticize physicians or therapists for the huge threshold their profession has, do you?

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