It wasn’t that Google didn’t bother to cater to an OS with an 1% marketshare, it was that they went out of their way to make it as hard as possible to use their services.

And of course you can have Android without Google services. It’s just harder to use and basic stuff has been migrated to Play Services.

That’s the Google move. Not outright blocking or banning, just making it harder. You don’t want to implement AMP? You can, but you’re going to miss traffic, because you’re news articles are lower on the page. You want Android without Google? You can, but you’ll need to trust third party apps for basic functionality. You have a Windows Phone and you want to watch a video? You can, but the experience is the phone website from years ago.

I was trying to say that Google is not that great morally. I didn’t want to start a discussion about which company is worse.

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