I’m so happy with the new “Mute Author”-function.

Everytime I come across one of your posts, it’s complaining about men. Specifically white man, but not more specific than that. Your pieces are often subtly racist and sexist, but you don’t have the self awareness to see that. Instead you blame “patriarchy” and white man, and you can’t possibly be racist and sexist against them, right?

Even now, when you’re complaining about the Karen stereotype, you feel the need to blame “mediocre, entitled white dudes” for her behaviour. You talk about mansplaining and manterruptors. It’s digusting.

In point 3 you say: “She liked it, so now she does it to everyone regardless of age, rank, or gender”. So if she only explains obvious stuff to older, white men, you don’t have a problem with this? Seems racist and sexist to me, in contrast with the behaviour of the Karen in this story.

Now I’ve found the mute button, at least I don’t have to read anymore about how I’m to blame for things I didn’t do.

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