I liked your article a lot. I’ve been developing with AWS for a few months now, and it was very overwhelming at first. Now I know what to use, I’m more comfortable with it. But I only use a few services (S3, IAM, ECR, ECS, CloudWatch, Lambda and EC2) and I don’t have to fumble with elastic IP’s (weird name indeed) and Beanstalk. That’s my coworkers job for now. So I get your point about GCP being more intuitive and easier to use, although I never used it. It’s just that AWS is darn complicated.

Al that aside, I severely disagree about your argument against the anti-Google part. Microsoft has really turned around for a few years now, but Google descended in that time. Since you aren’t a fan of Microsoft, you probably didn’t follow the news around Windows Phone.

Google apparently really wanted it to fail, so they did everything they could to block the WP users from their services, without denying them all out access. So the Youtube website was severely downgraded compared with the Youtube website on Android or iOS. They didn’t make an app, so Microsoft asked them if they could. Google agreed, but send a list of requirements which were impossible to implement. A few developers created apps, but Google quickly made sure they were deleted.

Nowadays, if you want to get Android without Google services, you have basically a brick. Google has been migrating core Android stuff to their Play Services for years. So if you don’t buy an iPhone, you have to content with Googles wishes. I don’t think this is “genuinely being the very best at what they do” .

Their AMP is also aggressively harming websites that don’t implement it, but still adhere to every web standard. That way they can influence the future of the internet in their favor. If they can use content of a website to answer a question of a user, they display it right on top, but the website doesn’t get ad revenue and visitors.

And that’s not all, but then this comment would be far too long. I still use Google, because (definitely in Europe) it’s the best search engine. I still use Android, because I think Apple is severely overpriced and there is no other competitor. But I can’t say their monopoly is really earned by being the best at what they do.

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