Another article comparing languages without really saying anything. The chosen languages seem a little bit random. It seems you took the top 3 of a graph in the Stack Overflow survey, but why? The languages in that list aren't specifically back-end languages and there is no indication the voters want to use them as a back-end language. Why not include PHP or C#, both popular back-end languages as well?

Then you show some graphs and stats from GitHub and GitHut, but again, I don't know why that's important. Sure, a dead language shouldn't be used, but it doesn't have to be the most popular language.

Then you give a very brief description of the 3 chosen languages. Very superficial descriptions. You enumerate some pros of the language, but even no cons.

A lot of reasons to choose a back-end language aren't really mentioned. Back-end frameworks are only mentioned at the Javascript section, but it's in a paragraph about NodeJS not being a "bloated framework". I don't know what you mean here, because it isn't clear why that is a pro for NodeJS exactly. And the other languages have back-end frameworks too, regardless of their bloatedness.

There are no benchmarks, although that seems somewhat important to me. It matters a lot too what you want to do with the back-end. I personally would use JS for quick prototyping, but I would prefer a more opinionated language/framework for bigger back-ends. It isn't mentioned here what you would use for what and why it is better to do so.

Then there are mentions about average salaries. I don't know why that's important if you're choosing the best back-end language for your project.

Then, suddenly, you arrive at your conclusion. And it's apparently Go, but it's not entirely obvious how you reached that conclusion. Every back-end language in your article seems awesome; you didn't assign cons to any of them. So why is Go the most awesome language?

I see a lot of opinion, without explanation. It seems a push to jumping aboard the Go hype train, but no real thorough reasoning why to do so.

This is not a criticism of Go, or any of the other mentioned languages. I just think your article doesn't explain adequately why Go should be used for any new back-end. Now it just seems like clickbaity title to lure readers without taking any real effort to answer the question.

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